#365papers is one of those Twitter things that clicked with me. Whilst some see it as representing yet another unrealistic academic goal — taken literally it would have one reading 365 papers in a single year, more than one paper per work day! — or an opportunity for self-agrandisment

But for me the hash tag is just a reminder to make time to read; it really doesn’t matter to me if I hit the 365-paper goal or not. As you see from my efforts in 2016, I got nowhere near the target (in part because I had a mid-year slump during the time I was buying our house & partly because I stopped recording the things I read).

I also find #365papers useful because colleagues I follow that also use the hashtag find some really interesting papers, many that I would have been unlikely to find on my own. I’m trying to read more broadly and this helps with that goal too.

The links below contain lists of the papers I read in the relevant years