Current members of the lab are:

Kim Hinz (BSc Candidate / Co-Op Placement)

Stefano Mezzini (BSc Candidate / Co-Op Placement)

Rafaela Mendes (Mitacs Internship)

Former lab members

Dr. Leanne Heisler (PhD Candidate)

Yunuén Temoltzin Loranca (MSc Candidate)

Shaneen Teece (Research Associate)

Luis Alfredo Martinez Narro (Mitacs Internship)

Dr. Emma Wiik (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Emma joined the lab in March 2015 and is a joint appointment between my lab and Peter Leavitt’s Limnology Laboratory at the University of Regina. Emma’s research in the lab focuses on the the effects of climate variability on pairie lakes, with both palaeo- and neo-limnology aspects

Brittany Hesjedal (MSc Candidate)

Britt is working on a NSERC Strategic Grant to investigate the effects of oil sands exploitation and climate change on sensitive Saskatchewan lakes, downwind of the main oil sands activities in and around Fort MacMurray, Alberta. Britt is generating counts of cladoceran remains in sediment cores from the project study lakes.